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Social Sustainability

The Centralfin Social Sustainability program provides long-term funding and expertise to improve socioeconomic conditions for vulnerable communities around the world.
It joins forces with proven organizations on the ground to achieve more for its beneficiaries.

We are working in a new own project:
Centralfin will help to build vibrant and stable communities where we live and work by supporting programs that provide long-term solutions to community issues, engage our employees and leverage their expertise, and offer opportunities to collaborate with others. We’ll contribute with an important percent of our global consolidated pre-tax earnings,  to programs that improve nutrition and health, education, and environmental stewardship. 
Centralfin’s charitable giving a considerable amount across 5 countries.

Together, our employees, businesses and community partners make positive, measurable improvements in our communities, like:

–  We support solutions to end hunger, increase access to health education in developing and emerging countries, and improve youth nutrition and wellness

– We contribute to programs that improve access to education for underprivileged children

– We support projects that promote sustainable agricultural practices, provide environmental conservation education, and protect and improve accessibility to water

– We participate in our communities. Our employees contribute thousands of volunteer hours and make charitable donations that have a significant local impact