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Logistics multimodal transport

Begun as a global logistics partner in Italy, present in principle Ports and Interports, with an efficient and cutting edge transport service, both by road and intermodal, in Italy and in Europe. Specialists in container and conventional full load transport, thanks to the company’s approximately 300 vehicles and very efficiently managed container Terminals, the company has become the ideal logistics partner for the major Shipping Companies.

Created in 1990 from the great experience of its managers, the company has grown and become a reference for the logistics market thanks to the professionalism of the personnel, attention to safety, continuous innovation in control systems and IT. It is now present with branches in principal Italian Ports and industrial areas.

Our mission is to offer our Clients the best service possible by placing “the merchandise transported” at the centre: punctual delivery / Safety / Tracking / Respect of regulations. This mission is possible due to:
A high level of process computerization from the headquarters operating system to the cabins of our trucks connected with our deposit Terminals.
Highly reliable vehicles always new and checked
Careful programming of services (certified) with a high level of professionalism and training of Personnel

Principal services

• Container transport
• Terminal container
• Intermodal transport of raw materials
• Transport of steel products
• Bulk truck transport and groupage
• Shipping U.S.A. Military goods