We handle thousands of ship calls
through our professional network.

Liner Services

Market knowledge, a tailor-made service.
Since the beginning, the Liner division of our group has been one of the core business. Over the years, we have refined our services to become more than just a local provider.

Thanks to our marketing and sales activity, accurate container control and documentation services, recognized reputation for high reliability, always innovative IT system, careful and precise accounting, we have become an integral part of the efficient operational and commercial success of every voyage and of every Owner represented. Our local sales management team will work with our principal to establish a plan to fit with the sales objectives of the line.

With our existing relationships in the market and captive business from other Centralfin divisions we can prepare and execute a detailed business sales plan for new opportunities and a particular market or new destination.
In other words “a brother partner far away from the Owner’s head office”.

Liner Service

• Container
• Reefer
• Ro-Ro
• Car carrier
• Feeder