We handle thousands of ship calls
through our professional network.

Break bulk & project

Projects division are aware of the complexity of industrial projects and the high skills required to deliver goods on time and on budget as clients need.

We offer end-to-end project management services for a variety of projects. Our “project team” has specialized in international project logistics and coordinates delivery of industrial plants, large components and oversized cargo, using the best available routing and methods of

To achieve our commitment, we have created: A team of experienced professionals who have worked in project transportation. A deep knowledge of the market and the competitors’ service Important investment in IT to ensure up-to-date communications.
Own financial sources adequate to the cash-flow requirements of the customer.
A world-wide network of strategic partners.

Our speciality is sea-based freight,
but we also offer:

• Heavy lift cargo transport to and from any place in the world.
• Turn-key projects.
• Land transport to ship’s side.
• Crane chartering.
• Handling at destination.
• Loading