Strong relationships
based on mutual trust

Paolo Bonucchi

“The competence
of our employees
is our main 

Franco Minichino

“Company culture
is based on a
constant increase
of quality”

Matteo Lacerenza

“Experience, creativity
and capacity to
work rapidly
and accurately”

Pierluigi Amighetti

Efficiency as
a fundamental



Deep Understanding

Our ability to facilitate the distribution of commodities between different continents, together with our experience in contributing to the success of sectors such as energy production and communications, is the result of our strong motivation to play a key role in the development of the global economy. Tourism and building are also important parts of our interests and development strategy. Our group is, in this sense, a single structure. We are capable of devising complete and accurate strategies together with our clients to guarantee that the results expected will be achieved.
Our commitment to our clients is represented by our deep understanding and shared expectations and objectives.
Our attention is always focused on optimizing our methods of customer care and constantly improving our levels of efficiency and service customization.
We always seek to offer the best in our response to specific needs and consider all our clients to be of equal importance, independent of the size of their business and geographical context.
Our group is a multi-centred reality capable of developing synergic operations among all its component parts whether they are located in Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Oceania.



Centralfin at a glance

Our group shares certain fundamental values. Our care in satisfying a client’s needs, our capacity to work as a team bringing together different professional abilities and our skill operating in the market from an international perspective have made our organization both flexible and strong.
Our work concept is based on the harmonious growth of our competence as well as concentratingon increasing efficiency.
Meeting deadlines and doing our work accurately and to the best of our abilities are the priorities which unite all our staff. Each one of us is aware that he or she has a unique and important role to play.
Developing our services in an appropriate manner, keeping to the correct procedure and handling agreements and commitments represent the day to day objectives of everyone working within our Group. Over the years we have been able to successfully operate in many sectors, with many clients and partners.
We work in an international and multicultural context by enhancing our experience to the utmost whilst remaining open to enrichment from different cultures.
Our approach is one of respectful adaptation to different cultural and economic backgrounds, whilst at the same time guaranteeing well-structured and reliable professional honesty based on experience and the spirit of innovation.



Looking Ahead

When our American colleagues end their working day, our colleagues in the Far East start theirs, but time and distance do not prevent them from working in synergy for the benefit of our clients. Thanks to the Internet and our group’s innovative process management technology, our organization is able to immediately and fully react to clients’ demands anywhere in the world.
The group’s future development, is to maintain a strong interest in innovation. In the near future, we are planning to further expand our degree of international penetration and increase the number of commodity sectors dealt with in our daily business.
To take advantage of and develop to the utmost the opportunities which the international market can offer, we have opted to implement new organizational development systems together with operating process management systems. Our way of doing business and our company culture constitute a winning model, whose success has been confirmed through years of experience and successfully exported to the several companies which make up our group in many parts of the world. Cultivating creativity, team spirit and enthusiasm is the secret of our success and the motivation behind our continuous growth.