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Central Shipping Agency S.P.A.

Via Ludovico di Breme 25/27
20156 Milan
Ph. +39 02 33411.1
Fax +39 02 38000480

Sea LCL Consolidator
Air LCL Consolidator

Central Shipping Agency S.P.A.Sea LCL Consolidator

Our LCL service delivers high class global service from/to Italy.
100% Neutral – 100% Dedicated – 100% Dynamic

Central Shipping’s world class LCL service covers thousands of destinations throughout the world via a comprehensive overseas transshipment network. We also offer an inland pick-up service from anywhere providing customers with the highest level of convenience.
The company has confirmed his leading position in the Italian NVOCC market, by building its own 6,000 square meter warehouse in Milan in 2008.
One of the objectives of the Central Shipping Agency’s management team is to widen the company’s presence both nationally and internationally, through the acquisition of new companies, in order to increase its market share and expansion worldwide.
Key strengths:
* Trusted neutral and direct consolidations with minimal cargo handling
* Dedicated customer service available for a tailored single solution
* Best carriers, direct service and competitive rates, together with real-time global sailing schedules

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Paolo Bonucchi President & CEO pbonucchi@csaspa.com +39 02 33411411
Matteo Lacerenza Director mlacerenza@csaspa.com +39 02 33411412
Franco Minichino Director fminichino@csaspa.com +39 02 33411422
Luca Minichino Export Manager lminichino@csaspa.com +39 02 33411471
Pierluigi Amighetti Import Manager pamighetti@csaspa.com +39 02 33411440
Stefano Lugli Sales – Milan slugli@csaspa.com +39 02 33411416
Francesco Freschi Sales – Genoa ffreschi@csaspa.com +39 01 06544301