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Amministrazione Finanza e Controllo S.R.L.

Via Ludovico di Breme 25/27
20156 Milan
Ph. +39 02 334111
Fax +39 02 33490688


This Company was founded in Milano in 1998, with a majority share holder by Centralfin Group.

lts mission is contributing to the management of Group’s Companies, helping in their economie development and heritage preservation.
AFC Management attends the Executive Management in defining and directing the economie, fiscal and financial management system, representing a support in defining and performing the economie and financial policy and in strategie planning.
Through its activity, it supports the Company as for correctness, completeness and transparency of implementation process of documents related to the Company’s economie, financial and assets flows.

-lt cooperates with Executive Management to reach the main goals and profit target ;
-lt exerts the management powers together with the General Executive Management, complying with the received directives, the planning, the Company strategy and policy on administration and financial field:
-lt manages with the Executive Management, the administrative and financial process;
-lt supports the Group, ensuring the tax clearance and Company’s fulfillment;
-lt supplies and suggests the guidelines on administration and financial analysis, reporting and budgeting;
-lt supplies to General Executive Management, periodic report on Group trend, supplying the neeeded economie and provisional analysis ;
-lt verifies that the administrative acts, active and passive contracts are regularly and lawfully issued, taking care that they are complying with the legal provisions ;
-lt supervises and prepares the activities related to the annual provisional balance and financial statements ;
-lt cooperates and coordinates the processing, with the General Executive Management, also through outside consultants ;
-lt programs and plans the Company’s financial set up, caring of cash flow and managing the relationships with the bank institutions ;
-lt supplies a 360°accounting back office activity, assisting the General Executive Management in supervising the whole administrative and accounting activities, required to manage the Company, ensuring the accounts keeping and accounting updating, keeping of legal and fiscal registers, suppling skillfull staff, specialized in the business units niche of shipping ;

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Giada Amighetti Account Manager gamighetti@amfc.it +39 02 33411406